Private Wealth and Estates

It has been said often that “the first generation makes the wealth, the second generation spends it, and the third generation blows it”. We have also seen that in many instances in Ghana, wealth does not last even a generation. Typically, the root of the problem is poor planning and governance.

The objective of this highly bespoke and discreet practice area is to help families, family offices, family businesses, closely held companies and high net worth individuals accumulate, manage, protect and preserve their wealth and legacy. We also work with families to develop tax efficient governance structures to ensure seamless transition of power, ownership, and decision-making from one generation to the next. In other instances, we advise other key counterparties such as investment banks, asset managers, property managers and private equity companies.

Our services include tax structuring and advice, asset management, trusts, estate planning, family businesses, family constitutions, succession, charitable planning, estate planning and probate administration.

Our approach is to advise and support our clients at every stage of the family lifecycle, whether legal advice is required for a specific transaction such as the acquisition of a business or selling property or for broader long-term succession and estate planning.